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Silicon Valley CIO Provides Technical Program Management for Migration of All Zynga Games to AWS
October, 2014 - Present:  San Francisco, California

Lori Samuels is currently engaged as Chief Technical Program Manager at Zynga, leading the migration of Zynga’s entire game product portfolio from their proprietary data centers to cost-optimized AWS cloud. 

Zynga Logo

CIO-Sponsored migration includes 10+ mobile & web games (FarmVille, Poker, Words with Friends, NFL, and more), plus Zynga Analytics data warehouse & big data systems (Vertica and Hadoop clusters), Core Game Services, Data Services, Ad Platform, Payments ecosystem, and Engineering/DevOps tools.

     Zynga AWS Migration featured at re:Invent: View Event ....

Silicon Valley CIO helps prepare Raptor Pharmaceuticals for FDA commercial launch
February, 2013 - Present:  Novato, California

Dean Samuels currently engaged at providing a full suite of CIO & IT services to prepare and build all IT functions and systems through a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical startup, FDA approval, and business launch.  Leading with blended portfolio of IT technology strategies for implementation of enterprise business systems, cloud application services, and business intelligence platforms. Raptor Logo

Also coordinating IT projects related to relocation of corporate headquarters, European expansion, Enterprise (and cloud) Information Systems, Quality & Compliances, Security, and information systems for Bio-Tech Labs.

     Press release available for Raptor launch: Read Press Release ....


Cloud App Architecture & Engineering 
San Francisco, California

We are currently engineering a suite of online software applications to help individuals, families, and teams to plan, track, execute, and achieve Life & Professional GOALS.  This new SAAS product is designed to be integrated as a goal-centered hub to industry standard systems such as social collaboration platforms, calendaring, and task management systems such as Apple iCal and Microsoft Exchange.  Goal is to provide an interactive, media-guided end-to-end experience to assist people from the orchestrated construction of measurable goal statements all the way to the management of daily tasks, calendars, checklists, breaking down complex goals into achievable work components.

This innovative effort is in the requirements and design phase, with parallel lab platform prototypes under development.  MVC software architecture includes standard distributed LAMP stacks, Ruby-on-Rails, MVC-extended PHP, DJango Python, and web services API hooks into social medias and data exchanges.  Also planned is a very rich RIA experience using mobile, HTML5+AJAX, video, animation, and modern presentation layer technologies.

More disclosure and details about these exciting innovations coming soon from Silicon Valley CIO.  Contact Dean Samuels directly for technology roadmap, product concepts, and development status.


Lori Samuels joins Intuit CTO Organization
February 7, 2011
San Francisco, California

Silicon Valley CIO partner and co-founder, Lori Samuels joins Intuit in a CTO Program Management role to lead the implementation of  technical projects driven by business-strategic transformation programs.  Silicon Valley CIO is pleased to acknowledge Lori's many years of contribution to Silicon Valley CIO 's growth and success at developing and delivering a reputable practice of CTO & Software Engineering leadership services.  While we will miss her talents day-to-day around here, we are positive and supportive about her career choice to join forces with such a progressive company as Intuit, as we genuinely wish them both well toward a bright future of innovation and industry leadership.

Intuit is a Silicon Valley, California software company featuring an impressive portfolio of innovative products and services such as Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax, and many other reputable software titles.

     Biography of Lori Samuels:  BIO ...


Enterprise Architecture - at Alcatel-Lucent
November 1, 2009, Paris France

Dean Samuels has been appointed as Chief Enterprise Architect of Alcatel-Lucent.  Based in Paris France, Dean's enterprise architecture team will produce the architectural migration and operating plan to optimize Alcatel-Lucent's systems, processes, and applications to ALU Logoenable the company's multi-year business tranformation.  New role will include involvement on CEO-appointed innovation leadership team at Bell Labs / Lucent, designed to re-orient technologies, products, and offerings toward a more focused service orientation.

During the transitions, Dean will continue his role as CIO of Genesys during the interim, while serving as Chief Enterprise Architect, based at Alcatel-Lucent Headquarters, in Paris France.

     Press release available: Read Press Release ....

     Biography of Dean Samuels:  BIO ...


CIO – at Alcatel-Lucent, Application Software Group
March 1, 2009, Paris France

Alcatel-Lucent will be consolidating all of it's many cross-company software technology properties into Applications Software Group, which now together, becomes a $3 billion revenue unified company, merging all software related functions, engineering, development, Technology M&A, into a single, merged portfolio, managed by the Genesys executive management team.ASG Logo

Dean Samuels will serve as Chief Information Officer of Application Software Group (ASG).  New role will include involvement on CEO-appointed innovation leadership team at Bell Labs / Lucent, designed to reorient ALU technologies, products, and offerings toward a more focused service orientation.

Dean will continue his role as CIO of Genesys during the transition, based at ASG offices, in San Francisco, California.

     Press release available: Read Press Release ....

     Biography of Dean Samuels:  BIO ...

Article Published - CIO Leadership & Innovation
for Alcatel-Lucent magazine, Enriching Communications
Written by Dean Samuels

As CIO of Genesys, Dean Samuels has written an article that has been published by Alcatel-Lucent, in it's slick printed magazine, Enriching Communications, which targets subscribers interested in technology services & products related to Telco ALU Logocarriers and Enterprise business. The article illuminates the correlation between Innovation & CIO Leadership: by enabling a culture of collaboration, leveraged by discretionary appropriation of emerging technologies.

The article is published both in print, as well as online:

    Read magazine article online here ....

or here for a print-friendly PDF version :

Enriching Communications

Enriching Communications is an Alcatel-Lucent publication.

Dean Samuels joins Genesys, as CIO
October 1, 2007
San Francisco, California

Silicon Valley CIO founder, Dean Samuels joins Genesys as Chief Information Officer to lead the company's worldwide IS/IT organization. As an active member on the board-level Management Committee, the compay's new CIO leadership role will contribute to executive strategy by introducing opportunities to grow business through cloud-oriented, services-powered technology innovations.

In addition to this strategic business role, the CIO will lead the Genesys Information Technology organization with a mission to elevate IT/IS service levels to new heights and improve the quality of IT service experiences to employees, partners and customers.

     Press release available: Read Press Release ....

     Biography of Dean Samuels:  BIO ...

Genesys is an Alcatel-Lucent company.


Completed! - Enterprise Architecture for USA Today
For Microsoft – Silicon Valley CIO completed an expansive project for Microsoft at Gannett as Subject Matter Expert for Active Directory.  In an architectural leadership role, Silicon Valley CIO solved enterprise architecture issues for delicate migrations to Active Directory from legacy directory platforms involving the optimization of directory replication topologies, performance, security, DNS, and Exchange migration preparations.


Silicon Valley CIO teams with Microsoft's CIO, Ron Markezich
At Microsoft, in Redmond, WA - Silicon valley CIO will be hosting strategic sessions for its clients with Ron Markezich, Microsoft's Chief Information Officer. These design sessions will involve new architectures and imminent technology products for Silicon Valley CIO's clients, as well as lab projects with Longhorn Server, the code name for Microsoft's anticipated next-version of the Windows Server operating system to be released sometime next year.

Technology Strategy &  Enterprise Architecture for Federal Goverment of Canada
Silicon Valley CIO now engaged as strategic IT architect / engineer on an executive initiative for the federal Government of Canada. The goal for this initiative is to economize the scale, responsiveness, and quality of national IT services by centralizing toward a "utility computing" model, which will dramatically reduce TCO, administrative, and operating costs.

Chief Architect  for Enterprise IT Engagement at MCI - Completed by Silicon Valley CIO
For Microsoft - Silicon Valley CIO recently completed a large global project at MCI. The project included a delicate migration of 80,000 users globally. As Chief Architect, Silicon Valley CIO provided engineering, technical project management, and on-site direction at MCI in Colorado Springs, CO. The CIO-sponsored project lasted about a year. Technologies used were: MS Exchange, MS Active Directory, Microsoft Operations Manager, MS SQL Server, and Microsoft Identity Integration Server. Future project phases will include SharePoint Portal Server and Live Communications Server for real-time presence collaboration across MCI's Enterprise.

Microsoft to Send Silicon Valley CIO to Teach Next-Generation  Microsoft Technologies
For Microsoft - Silicon Valley CIO teams with Microsoft Emerging Technologies to evangelize next-generation technologies on a 40 week national tour to train CIOs, CTOs, and IT leaders. Tour features strategies for implementing .NET's new "Avalon" graphics engine to developers of applications, entertainment, and gaming.  More details coming soon after Microsoft's announcement.  Technology curriculum and hands-on classroom lab developed by Dean Samuels from Silicon Valley CIO.


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