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CIO Help

We’re here to help you …

Get high-touch, hands-on CIO help from Dean Samuels.

To best help you, Dean can (safely & securely) connect to your computer screen and work with you to provide the help you need.

When instructed (by Dean), click on this Remote Support button.


Here’s what will happen:

You will see a web page with the Silicon Valley CIO logo.

A prompt will appear at the bottom of the window, asking you to save the TeamViewer file.

Choose Save,

TeamViewer files are safely downloaded to your “Downloads” folder, or you can choose “Save As” to save them to a different location.

The button message will change, prompting you to “Run” the TeamViewer temporary installation.

Choose Run.

Teamviewer will be installed temporarily.

You will see the TeamViewer application

[[screen shot]]

You must provide Dean with:

  1.  ID
  2. Password (always different for every session)

Dean will be able to see and interact with your screen desktop.


Teamview installation is only temporary, meaning the installation is not permanent, and will not remain installed on your computer.  This non-intrusive method makes sure your do not have applications installed on your computer that you don’t need.  TeamViewer only installs for the needed session, then disappears.

The Teamviewer installation files, would be in your downloads folder, where you can either use them to install TeamViewer for future help sessions, or you can delete these files.

The password used during TeamViewer session is temporary, and changes each time a new session is initiated.  Also, Note that your permission is required in order to use TeamView to provide help to you.

For more information and help, send an email to:

Hope this helps,

— Dean